Breathe#8, necklace, 2016, Mia Maljojoki, porcelain, pearls, gold, silk. Photo: Oona Heleena

6/9 – 30/9 ​


Bedtime Stories



How do we react in situations of crisis? How do you keep your balance in a shaky reality of ups and downs, everyday stress and global problems? What happens to secularisation? Mila Maljojoki’s exhibition at Four offers a resting place. Her wearable sculptures gives the wearer protection, power and a moment of quiet peace.

Mia Maljojoki is born and raised in Finland but since many years she lives and work in Munich. Her work provides a direct and spontaneous expression. At first glance they may even seem random, but the composition is balanced and carefully planned. Well-directed but unpredictable processes are refined with intuition and long artistic experience. Maljojoki combines strong colors and shapes with an elegance that creates harmony in a bold chaos.


The exhibition is presented as a part of GIBCA Extended: http://www.gibca.se/en/







Tanel Veenre is searching for common grounds between the shape of the cross and shape of male genitalia. Power, religion and male dominance has had a crucial impact on Christian religion. As a jewellery artist Veenre analyses the subject through body related objects which plays with sacred themes and eroticism.

Estonian artist Tanel Veenre is one of the brightest stars in the jewellery universe. He brings up creatures from the depths of the oceans and covers them with a shimmer from distant galaxies. Tanel Veenre combines musical tones with aesthetics and poetry, creating a magical, magnetic world that attracts and captivates. Veenre also works as a professor of the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn.


The exhibition is presented as a part of GIBCA Extended: http://www.gibca.se/en/


Magic Flute III, necklace, Tanel Veenre, wood, silver, rock crystal. Photo: Tanel Veenre


Ammeli Engström





Ropes, weaves and baskets are made to carry and to be carried. They are made of interlaced bands that creates strong materials. The techniques are often associated with traditional female crafts, but the hands that tie, braid and bind are not gentle virgin hands - they are tough, persistent and strong. Ammeli Engström makes her weaves and ropes of fine silver. Thin metal bands are turned into a soft material with a shimmer that gives a hint about the origin and strength of the material.



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